CyberDyke will only accept as affiliates people who share our values and our mission to promote non-degrading sexually explicit entertainment for consenting adults. For this reason, all affiliates must be approved by us to receive the 50% payout and must maintain their sites according to our standards to continue to receive the 50% payout.

NOTE: Upon applying for a CyberDyke Affiliates account, your site will be reviewed by us. Affiliates who are not approved by us or do not maintain their sites to our standards will have their payouts reduced to the minimum 1% or have their account terminated, at our sole discretion.

In brief, to be approved your site must:

  • Be active and you must have our link posted where people can easily find it.

  • Be appropriate -- we do not approve sites that obviously are not adult-related.

  • Respect women and respect sex. Referring to women as "ho's", "cunts", or "bimbos" is not acceptable! Violent or demeaning language is not acceptable. So if you tend to post things like "Busty Redhead Bitch fucks ALL DICKS", "Blond bimbo gets dick in her holes", "Young slut likes nice dicks", "HORNY CHICK GETS HER ASSHOLE CREAMED", or "Hot Whores Fucked" (all real examples) the chances we will approve you are ZERO.

  • Not contain homophobia, pediphilia, or hate speach of any sort, or hint at it to the slightest degree.

  • Be completely free of pirated content or nonconsensual "voyeur" videos or photos.

  • Have some reasonable appeal to our main market, which is sophisticated, sex-positive women. No "gross out" sites and no sites intended to appeal mainly to immature males.

In addition, free-hosted sites and TGPs are unlikely to be approved. We also don't like "tube" sites and are unlikely to approve them. On the other hand, we do like blogs!

If you think your site measures up, click below to read our full guidelines. Please do read them in detail; the foregoing covers only the most common issues that will prevent you site from being approved. Thank you.

Existing Partners: If you have questions about our new program, please contact us.

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