Have an exceptional women's porn site?
Interested in becoming part of this network?

CyberDyke is a network that supports and educates webmistresses who are committed to making beautiful and thought-provoking pornographic and erotic sites. Our mission is to redeem porn from its sleazy, low-quality, often exploitative, male-dominated roots. Joining our little collective helps get you sign-ups, as well as helping to build an erotic community for lesbians and other queer women on the Internet. In addition to creating exceptional erotic entertainment that respects women, offered at a fair price with excellent customer service, we are creating a network where the webmistresses can interact, discuss marketing strategies, and support one another.

Here's how things work:

We are able help you from the ground up. We have our own server, which means that we can supply you with hosting for less money than you are probably paying now. We are sticklers for security, and pride ourselves on the protective measures we take for the sites on our server. We can help you with site design and other technical matters as well. In appropriate cases, we can even shoot content for you.

We handle all billing support through CCBill, a very reliable billing provider, who provides much better customer service than Verotel (which is awful!) or other fly-by-night billing providers (which are dangerous!). This means you don't have to pay high annual fees for accepting Visa, currently over $350 [plus the initial $700+ fee]. We all pay one annual fee that is divided among all the network sites. You receive a share of every network sale your site generates, the precise amount depending on what service we provide you. Payment of your share is made automatically through CCBill directly to you. You have access to full stats on your sales.

CyberDyke is an exclusive network, but we are not restrictive. There are a few things we ask of CyberDyke webmistresses. First, that they devote time, and energy, and love to their sites. We will not let any sites into this network that are not beautiful and well-made. It is one of the main goals of this network to provide quality porn, and we are dedicated to that. Second, that sites will do their updates regularly. As every site in the network reflects on the network as a whole, we ask that you maintain a regular update schedule. [Exceptions to this can be free sites and archive sites, that provide bonus content that is not intended to be updated.]

The third requirement is exclusivity: we don't allow offering a separate membership for your site. CyberDyke is a "package deal" and offering separate memberships dilutes the overall value of the network. We are trying to provide women [mainly] with an opportunity to buy affordable porn. By offering them this one payment deal, many women will be able to get access to a large variety of porn that they might not have been able to afford before. We think getting women off, bringing pleasure and entertainment into their lives - as well as orgasms - is a worthy goal to be committed to!

Finally, we ask for a 6-month commitment to CyDy. We understand that not all sites even ones we think are great! are going to thrive in our network. But we ask for a decent trial, especially if your site is new. Sites constantly joining and then leaving the network reflects poorly on the network as a whole and this isn't fair to our other webmistresses.

If you have an exceptional women-focused erotic site, and are interested in becoming part of our network, contact us for more info.


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