Who Are The Cyber-Dykes?


Email Roxxie

Roxxie: Your hostess here at CyDy, our main videographer, fearless toy tester, and resident foot fetishist. She is a powerhouse of organization and a pleasure activist. Roxxie is happy as a clam sitting around in her sexy 'jammies looking at porn all day, and she loves being in front of the camera too! She has a fetish for everything below the waist, and she insists that her lovers be smarter than herself.

Roxxie does pretty much everything around here but she particularly enjoys running GirlTools, our sex toy testing site, and indulges herself by doing Roxxie's Foot Femmes, our site for lesbian [& other] foot lovers.


Email Penny

Penny: The sweetest and kinkyest girl we have ever met, she runs darkPlay. Penny describes herself as a naughtly little switch with an emphasis on naughty! She loves porn, demanding Dommes, femme bottoms, being naked - especially at a hot girl's feet . . . or with a hot girl at her feet! - tight bondage, severe spankings, jeweled butt plugs, cosplay, large breasts, and her girlfriend. She hates - hates! - strawberries and can fire one a good 6 ft! No, don't ask...

Penny parades her perversions at darkPlay, test toys and writes for GirlTools, and shares her vanilla side at Sappho's Girls.


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Meredith: Writer, Blog Designer, & OOB Centerfold. Embracing as many labels as possible, Meredith is a porn-positive submissive dyke slutgrrl, a size queen, and an aficionado of Fisting! A lifelong reader and writer, she has brought those interests online and spends as many waking hours as possible in front of a computer screen. She is a total femme who longs to be butch, and carries all the heavy stuff so her partner will call her "the butch one."

Meredith is our Blogress and in-house reporter. She keeps you and us abreast of all the news that fits or sends us into fits over at our Blog. You can also go read her own Blog, and learn even more about her! [Believe us, it's worth it...]


Email Aedan

Aedan: Photographer, webdesigner, artist & writer. She describes herself as: "Geek dyke. Politically divergent. Business-owner. Pornographer. Writer. Designer. Musician. Gadget-addict. Seeker of interesting and creative life forms. Opinionated introvert." We think she left out a few things, but maybe it's best if we don't go into that here.

Aedan is the brilliance behind Sappho's Girls, one of our most popular premium sites.


Email Sybil

Sybil: The Penultimate Ass Goddess of the Universe! Our glittering Drum Majorette who leads without knowing it; whom the World follows without realizing it - or if it does, attributes its activity solely to the Glory that is Her Ass. But the World is mistaken: it is not solely or even largely for Her Ass that we adore Sybil but because where she is the air is sweeter, the colors brighter, and the music more entrancing. She is also an accomplished artist, a great cook, splendid dancer and performer, and much smarter than you.

Sybil is of course the behind behind Posteriority, another of our most popular premium sites.


Email Robin

Robin: is a bit mysterious. She is a talented photographer whose work appears throughout our Network, and is showcased on her own site, RobinSt.Laurents.com. Robin's fiction appears on Story Mistress as well. Robin is also an accomplished fine artist, though she uses a digital brush these days. Robin also admits to being inordinately fond of girls butts, and is therefore the Ass Mistress of Posteriority, with help from our friend Sybil.

BTW: the graphic to left was not done by Robin and is not actually of Robin, but does reflect what Robin likes to think about... Thanks to Aidan for the awesome illustration!



Ondine: Webmistress, graphics designer, writer, model, and tireless marketeer. Ondine is perhaps the smartest, sassiest, most wicked and incandecently sexiest webmistress we've met. She can light up a room or cut to the quick with equal felicity. She's been involved with us from the very beginning, handles much of our marketing and admin load, and has contributed to many of our sites. We would be lost without her.
Wet Staff
The Wet Staff: Small, mysterious, computer-bound creatures - we aren't even sure exactly who [what?] they are. But they are indispensable: they handle the email, fix links, deal with billing problems, coddle the server, succor the weak, tickle the strong, and comfort the cranky - and that's just us! Whether they sleep, when they eat, and where they hide are unclear, but we think we hear them giggling in the wee hours, and afterwards we often find that most of our chocolate has disappeared ....

Contact the Wet Staff for all your questions:
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Life doesn't stand still. We find new partners for the dance but the dances don't last for ever. The memories and the friendships do, and so we'd like to recognize our partners in porn, now following other pursuits, for their contributions in building CyDy. Thanks Guys! And you'll always be in the club...
Zille Zille: Our Founder; photographer, web and graphic designer, and writer. In 2000, Zille started her first porn site, darkPlay.net, with her partner because she thought they could do better than the porn sites they were seeing. But soon it became more than that. Together with their friends, they broke the "rules" of porn: putting too much time into their content, making it "too pretty", working too hard on site design because "no one cares". Zille says: "They [porn-businessmen] kept telling us we'd never make it, we were charging too little, there's no market for "quality" porn. So we started our own network. We've built up a following, gotten rave reviews, and through it all, stayed affordable for people who have lots of good taste but less money."

Zille loves sushi, breakfast at all times of day, reading SF and fantasy, and taking breaks from work to masturbate. For six years, she oversaw all our sites, appeared on most of them, and drove us with her unmatched creative energy. Now she is taking a break to pursue a new career with her life partner, though we expect to continue to feature her photography here now & again. You can keep up with Zille by checking out her personal site here and reading her journal here.

Lena Ramon: Has been an art & magazine model, and fetish and XXX adult performer since 1998 (and a general, all-around pervert for even longer). She's performed in over 300 adult videos, webvideos, and films, doing everything from foot worship to bondage to fisting [her favorite!] and anal sex with multiple partners. She says: "I truly love my job and I truly love sex. Pornography has provided me with a place to continuously live out my wildest fantasies, and I intend to stay involved in it forever. I am a queer woman. Although I work with male performers and usually have a wonderful time, my special love is making smut with and for other women who love women." And that's just what's she's doing as our Go-To girl for many of the sites in our network!
Raven: We've known Raven for a long time. For years, she had one of the best cam sites we'd ever seen, and when she and her girlfriend wanted to start another site to explore their darker and more intense fantasies, we offered them a home. Raven Noir was a beautiful, edgy, marvelous site. Unfortunately, Life happened as it will, and Raven found herself only capable of keeping one site going. So Raven Noir was retired shortly after it was launched, to wait for more auspicious times. We hope those time will arrive someday soon and in the meantime are happy that we were able to give a home to a truly unique & wonderful site for awhile.
Mistress Tatiana: A marvelous pro-domme, rope top, and rope artist. About herself she says: " I'm so very lucky in what I do for a living. Being a professional Dominatrix is the most wonderful job in the world. I love tying girls up, and doing terrible and wonderful and awful things to their helpless bodies - just about anything that fits safe, sane and consensual play, and puts a broad smile on everyone's face! My SM is generally a happy thing. If you ask anyone who has played with me, you will get pretty consistent answers - if Ma'am is having fun, it is very obvious! "

Mistress Tatiana ran MistressTatiana.com, our safe haven for Rope Lovers, until other commitments forced her to forego the project. The site is no longer in our subscription network but you can visit it for infomation about her professional services and herself, for those who are so inclined.

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