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Who are the Cyber-Dykes? Are there really women behind this? => Probably the first thing most people ask: Yes, indeed there are! We are a group of queer women of every size, shape, persuasion, tastes, and inclination who came together out of our love for sex, sexual expression, getting off, and just plain fun. To learn more about each of us, click here.
What is Cyber-Dyke? => Probably the second thing most people ask: Cyber-Dyke CyDy for short is a network of explicit erotic sites made by lesbian and bi women, showcasing the kind of "porn" we have always wanted to see, that personally turns us on.
How do I cancel my membership? => A very important question: it's easy, fast, with no hassle and you can do it on-line! Just click here. If you have problems for some reason, you can always contact us.
How often do you update? => Always a popular question! Our premium sites update on different schedules; some update weekly, some more often. Some of our sites are archive sites devoted to special theme; these sites update only occasionally. Overall, we try to see that there is something new being posted 5 to 6 times a week.
Is joining secure? How do I know my credit card info will be safe? => Joining is as secure as can be. We use CCBill for our credit card processing. We feel they are far & away the best in the industry. We have dealt with them since January 2000 we have never had any trouble whatsoever with them. They offer excellent customer service as well.
Can I join without credit card? => Yes. We can arrange automatic debiting of a checking account using on-line checks. This safe & secure option is available through CCBill; see our join page.

Since PayPal does not allow transactions for "adult" material [boo hiss!], we can only offer the option of joining by a snail mail if niether a credit card or on-line check is good for you. Click here for info on joining by snail mail.

We are looking into other options for those who do not have credit cards, or do not wish to use them on-line. We will keep you posted in this space.
Why are you doing this? => Not for the money. No one involved with this network makes more than a part-time job at Starbucks pays; most make less. We are doing this because we think it's important to show what porn can be! When we started, the web was full of mass-produced generic porn that didn't interest or excite us and it still is! So basically we're out to redeem porn! We want to let erotica and porn consumers know that porn doesn't have to be contrived or ugly or insulting to one's intelligence; that explicit work can be beautiful and thought provoking. We want to make adult entertainment that is authentic, spontaneous, and that has artistic merit.
Is that all? => No it's also fun and it gets us laid a lot! {wink!}
So how did CyDy start? => That's a semi-long story! I knew in college that I wanted to make "porn" and even before I'd graduated I'd done some (really amateur and low-rent) work. After I graduated, my partner and I moved to CA, and I went to work at the Lusty Lady, and did shoots for other photographers. After a year of this, I knew that I could do much better photography than many of the people I worked for, so I learned HTML and created DarkPlay. I've been doing photography since high school; so being behind the camera is even more natural for me than being in front of it. I love both!

After DarkPlay had been going for about a year, I realized that I had smooshed too many things together in one site (all my fantasies and experimentation, which is extensive and pretty widely varied), so I wanted to make smaller sites that focused on one theme. But at that time I was also really thinking about how women often don't have much extra pocket-change for things like porn sites, and also, that they are anxious about signing up for adult sites as well. I thought a network of sites made by women, a safe space on the 'Net where sex was given respect, was needed. I wanted to be able to answer the women's questions and concerns so they would not be afraid to indulge themselves which is why we have a large FAQ and committed customer service (even pre-customer service!) And I wanted to work with other webmistresses, share ideas and help each other grow. So I started exploring those ideas with other women, some I knew personally and some I met on-line, and that is how CyberDyke was born.
What kind of sites will I find here? => Any kind and every kind! We're pretty much a Taboo-free Zone! The sites in CyDy range from softcore to hardcore, from written erotica to illustrations to photographs of every style. You'll find fetish sites and art-porn sites; sites about BDSM and sites that have a more sensual focus. You'll find sites by individual women and sites that feature many women according to a theme. Women's sexuality and fantasies cover a huge range and we try show all of that here.
What makes your sites different?

=> First, they are made with women in mind, especially queer women, and are not like those schlocky sites that market pictures of gay-for-pay girls licking in the direction of pussy. We're not about fake tits and tans, and we don't cater to guys who are scared of butches and fisting! We try to capture the personality and dynamic in the sex, not just the act itself. We find that our customers prefer images that capture emotion.

When we're doing fantasy shoots, we depict our own fantasies. We rely on what gets us hot for our material. We do get feedback from our female members about what they like to see and we use that as inspiration as well. You can't get any more authentic than real women's real fantasies!
So what's the difference between "hot lesbian action" for"frat boys" and quality porn aimed at real women and lesbians? => We use real people and couples as often as possible, and narratives based on real-life and real fantasies. We try to depict the sex they way people really have it, not just in positions that maximize expose to the camera or that make the women look a certain way.
Is it mainly a matter of less wide-open gaping pussies and a more sensual approach? => Actually, we have plenty of pictures of gaping cunts and lots of good hard fucking! We don't always use a "softer sensual approach." What makes a difference between "frat boy porn" and what we do is context. That other kind of porn is easy to recognize: it has obvious cues, like a silly contrived plot-line or artificial-looking women; it's not about the real world at all.

There's also the issue of point of view who is the "narrator" or the personality behind the camera. Even if the content is almost identical in terms of the action and explicitness, the personality of the camera holder makes big difference; he or she is a proxy for the viewer. Often mainstream porn has a "frat boy personality" acting as a narrator (or a kind of Greek chorus) for or even in the action. For example, the MILF sites or Seymore Butts style stuff it has a great deal of that. When we insert a commentator (or tell it from someone's point of view), it is a woman it's us.
So you have a mission? => A mission? You mean besides redeeming porn? Yes, there's a couple of things. One of my personal goals is breaking the stereotype that women only want fluffy soft-core stuff. The "women's erotica" milieu that evolved in the 80s andearly 90s is fine, but it's just as narrow or limiting in its way as mainstream porn. I think that genre focused too much on being comfy and safe. I think women, especially younger women, want more than that. We're not always trying to be "edgy" or "freaky" or "extreme" those are such buzz words now but we're trying to be more real, more engaged, more willing to take risks.

And we all are committed to bring beautiful and exciting images to women who may have been nervous about looking at porn. We think you can have the beauty of soft-core while at the same time showing explicit sexuality. You can show more "extreme" sex (like BDSM play, fisting, or strap-on sex) in ways that highlight the emotions of the participants and the power of the sensations all while showing the penetration as well. We want to show people that porn can be beautiful and also exciting to the mind as well as the body "the biggest sex organ is the brain," you know.
Who are the women who appear on your sites? => When we search for models, we look for real lesbians and bisexual women, especially couples. But of course, it depends on what we're doing. One of us may have a fantasy about a porn star. Or we may want to do a parody of a standard porn shoot; then it would be a good idea to use girls who look like porn-stars. We don't exclude people "just because" if some girl is hot and works for our concept, we'll hire her and we won't grill her abut how many guys she's been with. But our preference is to go with our own.

We're pretty much happy to work with anyone who appreciates what we do. We are not interested in working with people who are looking for just a paycheck, whether they are "gay for pay" porn stars or the lesbian-next-door.
I have a lesbian-themed site can I be part of CyDy? => Maybe. It's not easy to join the network we have high standards of quality. We're looking for original sites that depict women's sexuality in an honest and spontaneous fashion. We require sites to show artistic effort and dedication. The network is a collaborative effort between the webmistresses, so we prefer someone we can work closely with. We are looking for people who are in this for more than the money.

If you think your site makes the cut, contact us here.

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