Below are answers to a few common problems. If you have other technical problems, please click here. If you need to contact us about other issues, click here.
How do I cancel my membership? => Click Here.
Can I watch videos on my iPhone or Android phone? => We do not currently offer technical support of video for mobile devices. These systems are horribly quirky and full of bugs and we cannot keep up with all the problems they have. If you are having issues with a mobile devices -- especially an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device -- it is unlikely we will be able to assist you. Also, Apple products do not support Flash (except for YouTube, where they have a special deal), and generally require you to use iTunes, which causes problems. "Droids" and devices controlled by Google operating systems are also bad -- avoid Google! Remember "These aren't the Droids you're looking for!"
I can't watch the videos! => Our videos are optimized for fast connections and systems running Win XP or Mac OSX. People with modern computers and a decent connection should have no trouble watching the videos. We offer videos in Window Media (.wmv) format. This format is the most common and provides the best quality for a given file size. Players are available for WMVs for either Windows PC's or Macs.

If you need a good, versatile, free video player, we suggest VLC Media Player. It come in versions for both Mac and Windows and plays almost all video formats. If you need to get it or another player, they are available for free here:
All our videos can be downloaded. To download a video, choose the desired file format and:
  • Windows: [right-click the link] => ["Save File As"]
  • Mac: [control-click and hold] => ["Download Link to Disk"]
Save the video to your hard-drive and then open it in the appropriate viewer.

NOTE: WMV is a streaming format. Slow or unreliable connections can cause streaming or downloading to fail; this can be a problem particularly for users outside of North America. If you have trouble downloading or viewing our videos, make sure your connection is working well and disable firewalls that might be interfering with the download. Antivirus software can also disrupt downloading; try disabling it while you watch or download the video (our site is guaranteed to be free of malicious code). Try getting the video at a different time - peak traffic times, either with our server or your ISP can cause problems downlaoding or viewing videos.

We've also had reports of conflicts between WinMedia and RealPlayer or QuickTime. If you have the proper software installed and still connot watch the windows, go here and describe the problem and we'll see what we can advise.
I can't see the galleries - the page won't load or doesn't load all the way!
Our network is based on PHP, a common platform for dynamic sites. PHP is very flexible and powerful, but doesn't load as fast as old-fashioned static HTML. If our server is especially busy, you may see delays or incomplete page loads. Usually, hitting refresh solves the problem. If you experience consistent problems, contact us here.
My password doesn't work! => Your password is cAse-SensiTive make sure it's being entered correctly. Entering your password incorrectly too many times or sharing your password will get your account blocked by our security system. If you continue to have problems, click here to notify us.
I don't have a credit card?
Can I join?
=> Sure! You can use On-line Checks! Click Here!
Can I join by Snail Mail? => Certainly! Click Here for Info!

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