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•   Sappho's Girls
-   Beautiful girls with an intellectual edge — pure poetry in motion...

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-   Radically different from other internet porn! Penny & Zille sharing their BDSM fantasies with you!

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-   Lovely, twisted and addictive. Not like anything you've ever seen! !

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-   At GirlTools Sex Toys Reviews, we test all manner of sex toys, from dildos and vibrators to bondage gear. Reviews for free. Videos for members!

•   Posteriority
-   Created by an ass-loving lesbian for women who love women's posteriors, anal play, and more!

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-   Roxxie and her friends indulge all their fetish fantasies — feet, legs, pantyhose, wet-n-messy, squish, you-name-it!

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•   RoseBud Bar
-   An original comic about the sexy adventures in a San Francisco lesbian bar run by a fabulous dyke named Rose

•   Story Mistress
-   Erotica that does not shy away from any taboos. Created just for the open-minded lesbian or bisexual woman

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Heather Gates- Glass Dildo
Girl Tools
05/20/18: Heather receives a pretty glass dildo all wrapped up in a pretty box. She knows it’s from her lover and immediately goes to work on it. She licks and sucks the dildo, fondling her breasts then teases her clit with it. It hits her g-spot perfectly, and she dreams of her lover’s dildo, dirty talking, moaning and writhing as she comes. 8:24 min. video

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Video: Penny & Roxxie
9:55 min
05/19/18: Penny shows off her new jeweled butt plug, using Roxxie as her model. Roxxie is so excited about the butt plug that Penny pulls out the Hitachi Wand for some extra fun. 9:55 min. video

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05/18/18: Penny wants to teach Samantha to be a better typist, so she unbinds her hands for a typing test. For every mistake that Samantha makes, Penny shocks Samantha’s pretty nylon thighs! Rated: kinky
7:20-min. video

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Minx: Sharp
Roxxie's Foot Femmes
05/17/18: With her hot red fishnets Minx is a dangerous femme fatale. She shows off her toes and her knives in the kitchen She’s a real hot wild foot femme!

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Sappho's Girls
Sappho's Girls
05/16/18: After spending the afternoon playing in the sunlight, Chrissy gets to business, fingering Penny. Watch Penny’s real tense orgasm! I think they both win this game. Chrissy gets to re-roll her character.
5:42-min. video

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Minx Addiction
Minx Addiction
05/15/18: I'm a huge fan of dark fairy tale imagery. In this gallery I appear as a dark princess who controls a wizard marionette, but look closely and you will see that I am also a marionette. The controller is being controlled.

Photographer: Savich
Corset: Girdle Bound

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 Site: Story Mistress
Story Mistress
FREE SITE - Providing you with cutting edge erotic fiction that does not shy away from any taboos. Created expressly for the open-minded lesbian or bisexual woman and filled with stories by talented and wicked women writers. Many stories are illustrated by infamous artists.

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 Site: RoseBud Bar
RoseBud Bar
FREE COMIC - A completely original lesbian comic, based in a San Francisco bar run by a fabulous dyke named Rose. This comic follows the exploits of Rose and her friends and co-workers, and explores personal kinks with a fresh eye and healthy irony.

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