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Karina & Alana
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Karina & Alana

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•   Sappho's Girls
-   Beautiful girls with an intellectual edge — pure poetry in motion...

•   Darkplay
-   Radically different from other internet porn! Penny & Zille sharing their BDSM fantasies with you!

•   Minx Addiction
-   Lovely, twisted and addictive. Not like anything you've ever seen! !

•   Girl Tools Reviews
-   At GirlTools Sex Toys Reviews, we test all manner of sex toys, from dildos and vibrators to bondage gear. Reviews for free. Videos for members!

•   Posteriority
-   Created by an ass-loving lesbian for women who love women's posteriors, anal play, and more!

•   Roxxie's Foot Femmes
-   Roxxie and her friends indulge all their fetish fantasies — feet, legs, pantyhose, wet-n-messy, squish, you-name-it!

•   RsL Photography
-   The personal archive of erotic photos created by Robin St Laurents.

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•   RoseBud Bar
-   An original comic about the sexy adventures in a San Francisco lesbian bar run by a fabulous dyke named Rose

•   Story Mistress
-   Erotica that does not shy away from any taboos. Created just for the open-minded lesbian or bisexual woman

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Slyde & Dylanm Prelude
Roxxie's Foot Femmes
11/22/14: Slyde seduces Dylan with some toe sucking and a nice foot massage. Dylan is a total foot sex virgin, but Slyde knows how to work a woman’s foot. 7:35 min. video

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Dee Delicious
Girl Tools
11/21/14: Lovely Dee got comfortable on the bed and started losing clothes so that she could feel her own skin. She caresses herself all over, in preparation for a fun new toy. Breast and nipple play! 9:27 min. video

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11/20/14: Penny wants to teach Samantha to be a better typist, so she unbinds her hands for a typing test. For every mistake that Samantha makes, Penny shocks Samantha’s pretty nylon thighs! Rated: kinky
7:20-min. video

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Sappho's Girls
Sappho's Girls
11/18/14: The final installment of Chrissy & Sunny's first time fucking each other!
11:28-min. video

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Minx Addiction
Minx Addiction
11/17/14: As many of you know I'm a huge fan of death metal and horror movies. The theme of this gallery is gothic romanticism meets erotic horror. I struggle free from a straight jacket in the woods, strip down to my Suffocation shirt, and then nothing but a sheer black net encases my flesh.

Photographer: Studio Imago

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VIDEO- Sapphire & Artemis Pt. 1
11/15/14: Sapphire brought her new girlfriend, Artemis, over for some play time. The two naughty grrls! Artemis couldn’t resist Sapphire ass, and Sapphire was more than happy to spread her cheeks. First Sapphire gets a good spank and then Artemis goes in for some ass worship. 8:52 min. video

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 Site: Story Mistress
Story Mistress
FREE SITE - Providing you with cutting edge erotic fiction that does not shy away from any taboos. Created expressly for the open-minded lesbian or bisexual woman and filled with stories by talented and wicked women writers. Many stories are illustrated by infamous artists.

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 Site: RoseBud Bar
RoseBud Bar
FREE COMIC - A completely original lesbian comic, based in a San Francisco bar run by a fabulous dyke named Rose. This comic follows the exploits of Rose and her friends and co-workers, and explores personal kinks with a fresh eye and healthy irony.

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 Site: RsL Photography
RsL Photography
Thousands of photos by a mistress of erotic photography!

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