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•   Sappho's Girls
-   Beautiful girls with an intellectual edge pure poetry in motion...

•   Darkplay
-   Radically different from other internet porn! Penny & Zille sharing their BDSM fantasies with you!

•   Minx Addiction
-   Lovely, twisted and addictive. Not like anything you've ever seen! !

•   Girl Tools Reviews
-   At GirlTools Sex Toys Reviews, we test all manner of sex toys, from dildos and vibrators to bondage gear. Reviews for free. Videos for members!

•   Posteriority
-   Created by an ass-loving lesbian for women who love women's posteriors, anal play, and more!

•   Roxxie's Foot Femmes
-   Roxxie and her friends indulge all their fetish fantasies feet, legs, pantyhose, wet-n-messy, squish, you-name-it!


Penny is - along with Zille - the most sexual and kinkiest girl we have ever met! A naughty bi switch, she loves being tied up tight, spanked and fucked in the ass - all at once! Especially by a gang of butch dykes!

She will also tie up girls and fuck the silly whenever given the chance, especially her real-life lover Chrissy!

See her get ravaged on darkPlay, share her vanilla side (she does have one!) on Sappho's Girls, her anal lust on Posteriority and her love of sex toys on Girl Tools!

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