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About the videos on our sites:

Occasionally we get questions about our videos, here are some answers to the most common:

Our videos are encoded in WMV format for streaming and downloading; we are adding MP4 format for downloading and all-platform streaming format. They feature oral sex, masturbation, solo toys, strap-on fucking, analingus, pussy shaving, fisting, 3-girl ass fucking, and bondage orgasms. You name it, our girls love doing it!

Below you will find samples of our videos in WMV and MP4 formats. If you can view the WMV video successfully, you should have no trouble watching the videos in our Member's area.

Players are available for WMVs for either Windows PC's or Macs. If you need a good, versatile, free video player, we suggest VLC Media Player. It comes in versions for both Mac and Windows and plays almost all video formats. If you need to get it or another player, they are available for free here:

Mac Users note: Currently, most of our videos are in WMV format which will need the VLC Media Player or another player to to be viewable on a Mac. (We are in the process of adding QuickTime-compatible h.264 MP4 version of all our videos.)

All our videos can be downloaded. To download a video, choose the desired file format and:
  • Windows: [right-click the link] => ["Save File As"]
  • Mac: [control-click and hold] => ["Download Link to Disk"]
Save the video to your hard-drive and then open it in the appropriate viewer.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments you have, especially if you have trouble viewing these clips! Please use our Video Problem form to report the problem to us!

iPod and iPad users: We are currently unable to support iPod or iPad devices. Apple has been tweaking their products with the result that videos encoded with previous versions will not play correctly on newer versions. The most common symptom is playing the audio but no video. We have replaced our iPod videos twice now in attempts to reach a stable solution, but recently we have again been getting complaints that videos are not playing reliably, so we have no choice but to stop supporting Apple products until such time as Apple decides to offer a stable solution.

We are sorry to not be able to offer iPod-compatible videos at this time, but please understand we have no control over what Apple decides to do.

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Ginger & Jo: Hot Swap
Lo-Res MP4 Sample
[download only]

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Fetish Threesome
720x480 WMV sample

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Chrissy & Penny: POV Sex
720x480 WMV sample

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