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You've found the best in lesbian erotic fiction on the web, hand-selected by the Story Mistress herself!
A small note is made as to each story's content, for your convenience. Now get out the lube and the sex toys, dig in and enjoy!

Winter 2004: Table of Contents

Pic Author Title Description
by L. Bachu Empty Me. Fill Me. Nipple piercing and power exchange.

Fall 2003: Table of Contents

Pic Author Title Description
Michell Houston Hot Summer Nights Summer break means steamy nights for a certain teacher.
Alyn Rosselini Mirror, Mirror Sometimes the girl of your dreams is on just the other side of the glass.

Summer 2003: Table of Contents

Pic Author Title Description
pirate-th.jpg Lisa DeSantiago A Pirate's Tale The ships's captain isn't all that she appears to be.
rodeo-th.jpg Eva Hore An Australian Rodeo A romp in the outback with a small-town rancher.
cat2-th.jpg Sophie Mouette Catalyst (Part 2) Kate discovers her heart's desire -- and faces an ancient curse.

Spring 2003: Table of Contents

Pic Author Title Description
possess-th.jpg ancil Possessions A hairbrush, shackles, and a new girlfriend.
firefly-th.jpg Lana Gail Taylor Lemon-Lime Firefly Girl A desert encounter with a mysterious stranger.
cat1-th.jpg Sophie Mouette Catalyst (Part 1) New romance in the Celtic isles.

Winter 2003: Table of Contents

Pic Author Title Description
tunnel-th.jpg Sacchi Green Tunnel Visions Snowed in for the weekend, Lea and her lover trade fantasies.
you-th.jpg B.B. Loba You A sensual S/M encounter.
taboo-th.jpg Dorian Beth Wenzel The Lesbian Taboo On the art of seducing straight girls.

2002 Archives

Pic Author Title Description
primrose-th.jpg Karen Kay Tritten The Primrose Pilgrimage (Part 1) Doozie and Clarissa get a job in this science fiction romp.
primrose2-th.jpg Karen Kay Tritten The Primrose Pilgrimage (Part 2) The conclusion to Doozie and Clarissa's adventure in dildonics.
santa-th.jpg Susan St. Aubin What Santa Gave Me Naughty girls get presents, too, with the help of a lascivious elf.
Collar-th.jpg Lori Selke The Collar S/M-curious Jesse buys her punk lover a dog collar.
learn-th.jpg Lady Mary Something To Learn A tutoring session takes a sexy turn.
pajamas-th.jpg Elspeth Potter Green Pajamas A late-night romp in silk.
cig-th.jpg C. Lee Lambert The Best Part of Having Roommates... DJ leaves a gift for her buddy -- a ripe and willing baby-slave.
knife-th.jpg Lori Selke The Robber Girl Gerda learns much at the hands of her lover, the fearsome Robber Queen.
feet-th.gif Lori Selke Shrimping A foot fetishist's girlfriend finds her pleasure.
ghost-th.jpg Skian McGuire A Fine and Private Place A old, deserted cemetery prompts an erotic reverie.
moto-th.jpg Anne VIncent Naked Engine A girl and her bikes.
diary1-th.gif Lori Selke Diary of A Lost Girl (Part 1) A young woman at the turn of the 20th century discovers lesbian lust.
reform-th.gif Lori Selke Diary of A Lost Girl, Part 2: Reform School Girls Our young Edwardian heroine seduces her first conquest at the school where she's confined.
diary3-th.gif Lori Selke Diary of A Lost Girl, Part 3: The Brothel Lotte escapes to a den of iniquity.
diary4-th.gif Lori Selke Diary of A Lost Girl, Part 4: The Madame Lotte finds her place in the brothel's hierarchy.
like-th.jpg Zonna What Do U Like? Chatroom sex leads to a real-life encounter.
cold-th.gif Lydia Swartz Cold A woman finds cruel passion during a BDSM scene in the woods.
diary1-th.gif Valeska Keller The Goodbye Bomb (Part 1) Two lovers, both radical political terrorists, plot revenge on their betrayer.
bomb2-th.jpg Valeska Keller The Goodbye Bomb (Part 2) How Heike and her lover met and became radical political terrorists.
bomb3-th.jpg Valeska Keller The Goodbye Bomb (Part 3) The conclusion: Heike and Karla set their kiss-off bomb.
boys-th.gif Karen Taylor Just Like the Boys Tamara and Amy experiment with fag-sex and dildos.
diary1-th.gif Zonna Rules A dominance and submission game that tests the limits.
cartrouble-th.gif - 2472 Bytes Lori Selke Car Trouble Midnight nookie by the side of the road.
joining-th.gif - 2378 Bytes The Nymph Joining A renegade Vampire claims her willing prey.
findingher-th.gif - 2700 Bytes The Nymph Finding Her A femme bottom meets her dream top -- and learns that dreams may not come true in the ways we expect.

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