Welcome to Story Mistress.

I see you have some questions: What is this place? Why should I linger? Please make yourself comfortable and allow me to explain...

Story Mistress is part of Cyber-Dyke, a unique erotic entertainment network created just for lesbian, bi, and queer women by us, the CyberDykes, a group to queer webmistress. We came together to fill a void by creating beautiful, high-quality adult sites for women especially lesbians and bi women that genuinely reflect what we really like and what gets us wet. Our goal is the show that "porn" can be beautiful, hot, explicit, even raunchy and uplifting all at the same time; that we don't need to have our sex couched in "romantic" trappings; that we don't need always want tasteful, softcore, safe "women's erotica". We're all big girls and we can take dirty and nasty hardcore action.

Story Mistress is our private playground of erotic fiction within Cyber-Dyke. This is where we collect and publish erotic stories about women fucking each other. Stories that get us hot, wet, and reaching for our tool boxs [or each other] to get off. Stories like the ones we tell each other in bed; finding just the right phrase to elicit that little extra moan that our bodies alone cannot. We like to twist our lover's imagination around our tongue...

We hope you think the same. If you do, too, then this is the site for you.

This site is one of the free site in the Cyber-Dyke Network. It will cost you nothing to browse and enjoy. Of course, we hope that once use seen our free sites, you'll want to become a member of Cyber-Dyke. Right now we have a dozen premium sites in our network sites like DarkPlay, Sappho's Girls, Posteriority, Girl Tools, and Shaved Dyke along with several free sites, catering to every taste and fantasy. And it is all available for one low price less than you would pay for many single adult sites!

But enough of the sales pitch. Enjoy the rest of your stay and welcome to our home of well-written XXX lesbian erotica illustrated with gorgeous, suggestive imagery. Welcome to Story Mistress!

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