The Storymistress Recommends...

Cyber-Porn (Pictures and Words)

CyberDyke Network
The rest of the sites in the CyberDyke Network -- your password works at all of them!

Suspect Thoughts
A free quarterly e-zine packed with edgy, subversive porn.

Erotic fiction for all women. Lots of hot bedside reading here.
Girl-positive, queer-postive, and sex-positive resources.

Shades Beyond Gray
A free journal with amazing content.

Printed Matter

Black Books
Black Books published my anthology Tough Girls, which you can buy here.

My favorite online bookstore, and surprisingly queer- and kinky-friendly.


The Erotica Readers (and Writers) Association
How-to articles, reviews, and calls for submission. THE place for fans of written erotica.

The Erotic Authors Association
A new organization that deserves support.

A lesbian-run list of BDSM and fetish links. I could browse here for hours.

A woman-run site of quality erotic links. (Don't miss the fiction section!)

Fun Stuff

Yes Portal
Where I work for my day job. Adult news, entertainment, and -- most importantly -- shopping!

Lori's Homepage
My other place on the web; learn more about me and what I'm up to.

If you want to exchange links, or suggest a site, drop me a line.