Here are few short samples of a few of the stories you'll find inside!

"Smiling, we take up our chopsticks. As you deftly lift a bite of curry to your lips, I slip a naked foot — having shed my heels beneath the table — under the hem of the long skirt and slide it up to your knees. Your eyes flash at me over your chopsticks the tablecloths aren't that long, you seem to say. I smile innocently, sample a gingered prawn and begin to worm my foot between your thighs."
From "Hot Curry Nights", By Robin St. Laurents

"The point of the game is to tease each other into a frenzy. You've given me a list of rules: I can touch you, but only in certain ways. No sexual contact is permitted; clothing is allowed to be lifted or pushed aside, but not removed or pulled down; I may kiss you, but not on the lips. It's both a physical and a psychological game. I am granted ten minutes of absolute power over you, as long as I remain within these boundaries. You may not stop me, or move away, or protest in any way. In fact, you are not permitted to speak at all."
From "The Rules," by Zonna

"Her hand strayed to my breast. For a long moment, she merely drew her fingertips along the curve and swell to be found there, nothing more. But presently, her hand found my nipple; then, her mouth. I gasped as she sucked at it through the thin cloth of my silk nightgown, the nightgown my father had given to me on my most recent birthday. Rosa chuckled a little. "Yes, it's very nice, isn't it?" she murmured, hardly lifting her head to speak. I nodded, breathless. "This is just the beginning," she said."
From "Diary of a Lost Girl" by Lori Selke

That's just a small sample of the sizzling fiction awaiting you inside this site!

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